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Saath- Saath Quality of Life Care Centre
60 A RADHEY PURI-I, DELHI -110051 011-49058710 +91- 9911107772 mcs@manovikas.co.in Mon-Sat: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saath Saath QoL Project

Saath- Saath Quality of Life Care Centre

Saath-Saath is to provide a safe, stimulating and creative day center for young people and adults in the community with severe and multiple disabilities that are unlikely to benefit from further educational intervention or training programmes.

Community Based Center 

The Quality of life programmed is high support need for those who are severe and Profoundly Intellectual Disability ,they are not given any importance in family and community. The family members also do not want to do anything for them, for such people the Quality of life programmed has been made so that their needs are kept in mind and fulfilled.

Objective of Course

To build adequate knowledge

Planning and executing lessons (individualized and group)


Classroom management techniques


Educational needs of the children with disability and their management

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