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Volunteer at Manovikas



  1. To provide an opportunity for professionals/individuals from related fields to get hands-on exposure to the area of disability and social issuers.
  2. To encourage multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary integration.
  3. To document the experience and data generated for the benefit of the field. 

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  1. Candidates doing their study or interested in disability-related fields or health or psychosocial development or technology fields are eligible to apply for placement/volunteer ship at Manovikas Charitable Society (MCS), Delhi.
  2. The duration pf placement can be of one week to one month. The duration of Internship can be of one month to six months. The duration of volunteer ship will be decided after the interview of individuals.
  3. Online Application form and guidelines for placement/internship/volunteer ship may be purchased by nominal charges at the reception counter of MCS.
  4. Duly filled in application forms along with project abstract has to be forwarded By Head of the organization/institute/reference person to Managing Secretary, Manovikas Charitable Society (MCS).
  5. The application should be received two weeks in advance. Application with short Notice will not be entertained.
  6. All applications along with project abstract will be submitted coordinators Committee for clearance.
  7. The decision of selection or approval of any placements/internship by Managing Secretary, MCS will be final. The programme once decided should be strictly adhered to.
  8. Based on the background of the person, he/she will be placed in a department or under faculty as a guide. During the placement/volunteer ship, a person will be working under the direct supervision of faculty. Under no circumstances, the person will be allowed to work independently with the clients.
  9. On the day of commencement of the placement/internship/volunteer ship, the candidate should submit the action plan for the period of placement/internship/volunteer ship to coordinator through the guide/reference person.
  10. On the last day of placement/internship/ volunteer ship, the candidate should submit the report of work done to the coordinator through the guide.
  11. In case of placement of more than a week, the candidate should submit a report to Coordinator through the guide. In case of an internship, the candidate should submit a report once in fortnight trough Guide.

The candidate selected should abide by the rules and regulation of Manovikas Charitable Society.

FACILITIES to the candidate during the Volunteers or Internship

  1. No stipend or emoluments will be paid placement/internship.
  2. MCS will pay no travel or daily allowances.
  3. The candidate would make hi/her own arrangements to obtain any medical services if fall sick during placement/internship. First aid services will be provided in case of any medical emergencies.
  4. Certificate of Appreciation and project work experiences will be awarded to the candidates only after the compilation of the placement/internship period and submission of the desired report.


  1. The candidate selected should respect the feelings of the clientele of MCS.
  2. The candidate is expected to preserve the dignity and best interest of their clientele, colleagues and teachers.
  3. The candidate should not misuse or exploit the placement or internship for their personal goals.
  4. The confidentiality of the clientele has to be maintained.
  5. In the case of collecting any data, informed consent should be obtained from the clientele in consultation with the Guide.
  6. Publication of any data collected during the placement/internship should be done after obtaining permission from Manovikas Charitable Society.


  1. The registration charge and the cost of Guidelines and Application for placement/ internship Rs.100.00
  2. The registration charge for volunteer ship may be considered after paying the life membership / annual membership of the society.
  3. No fees will be charged by the MCS for the volunteer ship. Whereas for the placement/internship Rs. 150.00 per month will be charged for organization / professional support for the project.
  4. For any separate instructional help/materials during the placement/ internship will be charged extra.


  1. Candidates should follow the timetable and administrative rules and regulations during the placement/internship.
  2. For further details quarries contact Mrs Indira Alok, Telephone Numbers: 9911107772
  3. For the volunteer ship applicant has to submit the Membership Form with required documents.

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